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BJN Group

BJN History

The BJN story began in 1998, when the visionary founder of the group, Mr P.B. Nichani (PBN) decided to pursue his dream of providing a fine dining experience to discerning diners.

In the short span since it was set up, the group has grown into a multi-restaurant, multi-cuisine, multi-location chain, with 30 restaurants in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai. And in the process, it has not only attracted a loyal following, but has become a byword for fine cuisine.

PBN was a builder by profession, but always a chef at heart. In 1998, he decided to follow the dictates of his heart, and start a chain of fine dining restaurants, and leave the family construction business.

In his travels across the country, PBN discovered a growing class of discerning, affluent Indians who demanded high-quality cuisine. He observed this new generation of Indians experimenting with new kinds of cuisine, and decided that the time was ripe for him to provide them with a new kind of eating experience.

Armed with a strong self-belief, a quick intellect, and a small personal investment, PBN then set up the BJN Group. He wanted to serve authentic international cuisine to the Indian public and offer impeccable service, at the same time keeping prices at a reasonable level. The success of his plan, PBN realised, was to strike the perfect balance between price and quality.

Of course, this wasn’t PBN’s first sally into the restaurant business. In 1982, PBN’s first solo initiative in Mumbai came in the form of ChanKing on Cadell Road, which attracted crowds as much for its food as for its attentive service. Then came Angeethi, the asli dhaba in Bangalore’s Museum Inn. The restaurant offered a hearty north Indian meal with a complete dhabha experience -- a novel concept that was welcomed by the locals.

The success whetted PBN’s appetite for bigger and better things. He was already armed with a success formula, and fine-tuned it to come out with interesting dining variations. The result was Red Bamboo Shoots, the elegant Chinese restaurant, followed by Tavern, a comfortable pub – all located within Museum Inn. Then followed Aromas of China, Samarkand, Hypnos, Indijoe… a list that is getting longer by the day. PBN’s success recipe combines innovation with a strong emphasis on quality, affordable prices and authenticity, all of which have made his restaurants a favourite with diners.

From a single restaurant run by PBN in 1998, the BJN Group today owning and managing 14 brands comprising 25 food and beverage outlets in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai. It has a workforce of 1,500 professionals who work devotedly to spread the message of fine dining.